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Grover Washington Jr Discography (28 Albums)

The late saxophonist Grover Washington, Jr. was on the cutting edge of jazz's pop transformation in the 1980s. Along with guitarist George Benson, flugelhorn player Chuck Mangione, and others, Washington brought a commercial sensibility to the genre, and smooth jazz was born. This new style was quickly embraced by the general public, but dismissed by many jazz purists. Nonetheless, crossover jazz is here to stay, and Washington is one of its biggest practitioners.

Inner City Blues (1971)

1. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
2. Georgia On My Mind
3. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
4. Ain't No Sunshine
5. Until It's Time For You To Go
6. I Loves You Porgy

All The King's Horses (1972)

1. No Tears, In The End (3:48)
2. All The King's And Horses (3:47)
3. Where Is The Love (5:04)
4. Body And Soul (Montage) (2:59)
5. Lean On Me (4:23)
6. Lover Man (7:00)
7. Love Song 1700 (4:52)

Soul Box (1973)

CD 1
1. Grover Washington, Jr. - Aubrey (3:43)
2. Grover Washington, Jr. - Masterpiece (13:15)
3. Grover Washington, Jr. - Trouble Man (15:45)

CD 2
1. Grover Washington, Jr. - Don't Explain (11:13)
2. Grover Washington, Jr. - Easy Living / Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do (9:53)
3. Grover Washington, Jr. - Taurian Matador (8:08)
4. Grover Washington, Jr. - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (6:03)

Mister Magic (1974)

1. Earth Tones
2. Passion Flower
3. Mister Magic
4. Black Frost

Feels So Good (1975)

1. The Sea Lion
2. Moonstreams
3. Knucklehead
4. It Feels So Good
5. Hydra

A Secret Place (1976)

1. A Secret Place
2. Dolphin Dance
3. Not Yet
4. Love Makes It Better

Live At The Bijou (1978)

1. On The Cusp
2. You Make Me Dance
3. Lock It In The Pocket
4. Days In Our Lives/Mr. Magic
5. Summer Song
6. Juffure
7. Sausalito
8. Funkfoot

Skylarkin' (1979)

1. Easy Loving You
2. Bright Moments
3. Snake Eyes
4. I Can't Help It
5. Love
6. Open Your Mind (Wide)

Paradise (1979)

1. Paradise
2. Icey
3. The Answer In Your Eyes
4. Asia's Theme
5. Shana
6. Tell Me About It Now
7. Feel It Comin'

Reed Seed (1978)

1. Do Dat
2. Step N' Thru
3. Reed Seed (Trio Tune)
4. Maracas Beach
5. Santa
6. Just the Way You Are
7. Loran's Dance

Winelight (1980)

1. Winelight
2. Let It Flow (For 'Dr., J')
3. In The Name Of Love
4. Take Me There
5. Just The Two Of Us
6. Make Me A Memory (Sad Samba)

Come Morning (1981)

1. East River Drive
2. Come Morning
3. Be Mine (Tonight)
4. Reaching Out
5. Jammin'
6. Little Black Samba
7. Making Love To You
8. I'm All Yours

Baddest (1981)

It Feels So Good
Mister Magic
Black Frost
Do Dat
Summer Song
A Secret Place
Ain't No Sunshine
Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
Lean On Me

The Best Is Yet To Come (1982)

1. Can You Dig It
2. The Best Is Yet To Come (ft Patti LaBelle)
3. More Than Meets The Eye
4. Things Are Getting Better
5. Mixty Motions
6. Brazilian Memories
7. I'll Be With You
8. Cassie's Theme

Inside Moves (1984)

1. Inside Moves
2. Dawn Song
3. Watching You Watching Me
4. Secret Sounds
5. Jet Stream
6. When I Look At You
7. Sassy Stew

Grover Washington Jr & Kenny Burrell - Togethering (1985)

1. Soulero
2. Sails of Your Soul
3. Day Dream
4. Beautiful Friendship
5. Togethering
6. Romance Dance
7. Asphalt Canyon Blues
8. What Am I Here For?

Strawberry Moon (1987)

1. Strawberry Moon
2. The Look Of Love
3. Shivaree Ride
4. Caught A Touch Of Your Love
5. Maddie's Blues
6. I Will Be Here For You
7. Monte Carlo Nights
8. Keep In Touch
9. Summer Nights

Then and Now (1988)

1. Blues For D.P.
2. Just Enough
3. French Connections
4. Something Borrowed, Something Blue
5. Lullaby For Shana Bly
6. Stolen Moments
7. In A Sentimental Mood
8. Stella By Starlight

Time Out Of Mind (1989)

1. Jamaica
2. Gramercy Park
3. Sacred Kind Of Love
4. Brand New Age
5. Fly Away
6. Don't Take Your Love From Me
7. Time Out Of Mind
8. Split Second (Act II, The Bar Scene)
9. Nice-N-Easy
10. Unspoken Love
11. Protect The Dream

Anthology (1990)

1. Best Is Yet to Come, The
2. East River Drive
3. Be Mine (Tonight)
4. Can You Dig It
5. In the Name of Love
6. Just the Two of Us - (featuring Bill Withers)
7. Jammin'
8. Little Black Samba
9. Jet Stream
10. Let It Flow (For Dr. J.)

Next Exit (1992)

1. Take Five (Take Another Five)
2. Your Love
3. Only For You (Siempre Para Ti Sere)
4. Greene Street
5. Next Exit
6. I Miss Home
7. Love Like This
8. Summer Chill
9. Till You Return To Me
10. Get On Up
11. Check Out Grover

All My Tomorrows (1994)

1. E Preciso Perdoar (One Must Forgive)
2. When I Fall In Love
3. I'm Glad There Is You
4. Happenstance
5. All My Tomorrow
6. Nature Boy
7. Please Send Me Someone To Love
8. Overjoyed
9. Flamingo
10. For Heaven's Sake
11. Estate (In Summer) ("Ess-Tah-Tay")

Soulful Strut (1996)

1. Soulful Strut
2. Can You Stop The Rain
3. Play That Groove For Me
4. Bordertown
5. I Can Count The Times
6. Village Groove
7. Headman's Haunt
8. Poacher Man
9. Mystical Force
10. Uptown

Prime Cuts: The Greatest Hits 1987-1999 (1999)

1. Take Five (Take Another Five)
2. Sacred Kind Of Love
3. Only For You (Siempre Para Ti Sere)
4. Please Send Me Someone To Love
5. Strawberry Moon
6. Summer Nights
7. Heat Index
8. Next Exit
9. Blues for DP
10. Soulful Strut
11. The Love In His Infant Eyes
12. The Night Fantastic
13. Protect The Dream

Aria (2000)

1. Je Crois Entendre Encore :: I Still Hear Her Sweet Voice
2. Porquoi Me Reveiller? :: Why Do You Wake Me?
3. Flower Duet
4. Amor Ti Vieta :: Love Forbids
5. O Mio Babbino Caro :: My Sweet Papa
6. Donna Non Vidi Mai :: Never Seen A Woman Like That
7. Ch'ella Mi Creda :: Let Her Believe It
8. My Man's Gone Now - (featuring Terence Blanchard)
9. O Soave Fanciulla :: Oh Sweet Little Lady
10. E Lucevan le Stelle :: The Stars Are Shining
11. Au Fond du Temple Saint :: Deep Inside This Holy Place
12. Vissi D'Arte :: I Lived For Art

Jazz Moods (Cool CD) (2004)

1. Strawberry Moon
2. Love Like This
3. Soulful Strut
4. Caught a Touch of Your Love
5. Sacred Kind of Love
6. Take Five (Take Another Five)
7. Time Out of Mind
8. I Can Count the Times
9. Play That Groove For Me
10. Look of Love, The
11. Next Exit

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Level 42 - Running In The Family (1987)

The peak of Level 42's pop music. Production on this album is flawless and the sounds from Lindup's keybaords are wonderful. "Lessons In Love," "Running In The Family," "Fashion Fever" and "To Be With You Again" groove in classic Level 42 style. "Children Say" and the bonus track, "Freedom Someday" are delightfuly poppy. The best track is "It's Over," a song about the heartbreak of a man who has fallen out of love and has tried everything to avoid breaking the heart of the woman who loves him. The emotion in this song is so genuine that it moves you. But that's what is so great about Level 42, you can relate to every song and the music is pure craftsmanship.

1. Lessons In Love
2. Children Say
3. Running In The Family
4. It's Over
5. To Be With You Again
6. Two Solitudes
7. Fashion Fever
8. The Sleepwalkers
9. Freedom Someday

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Level 42 - Past Lives : Best of The RCA Years (2007)

Past Lives - The Best of the RCA Years is a compilation released in 2007 by the British musical group Level 42. The compilation has the greatest songs of the period 1991-1996, in which the band was with the label RCA/BMG.

1. Past Lives
2. Guaranteed
3. Overtime
4. My Father's Shoes
5. Forever Now
6. All Over You
7. Love In a Peaceful World
8. Model Friend
9. Romance
10. One In A Million
11. Don't Bother Me
12. Seven Years
13. Lasso The Moon
14. Set Me Up
15. If You Were Mine

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Level 42 - Pursuit of Accidents (1982)

Unlike that first album though the spare,dreamy style of that recording is replaced by a much more busier sound and more uptempo tunes,upping the ante on the funk and jazz ends."Weave Your Spell" is a great example of this style,starting out on the funkiest note possible and NOT GIVING IT UP for five minutes.The title track is one of those instrumentals that is actually very melodic and vocal and really gives all the musicians a chance to play together;it particularly illustrates what a great drummer Phil Gould is by keeping his sound big and creative but never showy or pyrotechnical,which tends to be a jazz-fusion drumming stereotype.The next three cuts "Last Chance","Are You Hearing What I Hear?" and "You Can't Blame Louis" find Level 42 mapping out the sound that would a few years later result in their big hits in the US;the ability to be jazzy,funky and contemporary all at the same time and each are terrific examples."Eyes Waterfalling" and "The Chinese Way" return to the same spastic funkiness that begins this album and find Mark King further innovations in perfecting the use of the bass guitar.'Pursuit Of Accidents' is definately one of those sophmore albums that represent a huge artistic step forward rather then musical stagnation.This is highly recommended.

1. Weave Your Spell
2. Pursuit of Accidents
3. Last Chance
4. Are You Hearing (What I Hear)
5. You Can't Blame Louis
6. Eyes Waterfalling
7. Shapeshifter
8. Chinese Way
9. Eyes Waterfalling
10. Pursuit of Accidents
11. Are You Hearing What I Hear?
12. Chinese Way [NY Remix]
13. You Can't Blame Louis

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Level 42 - Superhits (2007)

This British Group was formed in 1980 as a jazz-funk fusion band. For 2 decades, they have been successful with so many hits that top the chart. Mark King's slap bass techniques that usually became the rhythm and groove basis for the songs, and the falsetto from Mark Lindup, are always the main attraction for them, the trademark of Level 42. I don't have to talk about how good their songs are, i just have to talk about the tracklist of their best albums. I've noticed their best albums were never complete. There's always 1 or 2 hits is missing. So, me and my friend bocah decided to make our own compilation, where we put ALL of their hits, including Guaranteed and Three Words (this one, as far as i remember, is never placed in any best album, and quite rare..). So, I hope you enjoy our presentation and have fun with the originality and greatness of Level 42.

Lessons In Love
Something About You
Running In The Family
To Be With You Again
Love Games
Three Words
The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)
Leaving Me Now
The Chinese Way
Heaven In My Hands
It's Over
The Chant Has Begun
Hot Water
Forever Now
Love In A Peaceful World
The Chinese Way (NY Remix)

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Level 42 - Retroglide (2006)

First new studio album in 10 years by this Brit-Funk-Pop band led by vocalist/bassist Mark King. Features songs co-written with original member Boon Gould (who also plays on one track on the album) plus the return of original keyboardist Mike Lindup. 11 tracks including 'Drive Into The Sun', 'Way Back Home' and 'Rooted. Universal. 2006.

1. Dive into the Sun
2. Rooted
3. Way Back Home
4. Just for You
5. Sleep Talking
6. Retroglide
7. All Around
8. Clouds
9. Hell Town Story
10. Ship
11. All I Need

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Level 42 - Guaranteed (1992)

"Guaranteed" is definitely on some other level, 42 or otherwise,maybe higher. The songs are great, they are varied, they show superior talent and musicianship, drive, creativity, and more. My two favorite songs on the album are the intense rocker, track 5, "Set Me Up." It
amazes me that a group that generally follows the rock/funk/jazz formula can turn it on in such an intense way. Very infectious chunky bass everywhere. If by some fluke you are a Level 42 fan who has never heard this album, you will be blown away!

1. Guaranteed
2. Overtime
3. Her Big Day
4. Seven Years
5. Set Me Up
6. Ape
7. My Father's Shoes
8. Kinder Eye
9. She Can't Help Herself
10. If You Were Mine
11. Lasso the Moon
12. With a Little Love

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